Western Australia

Located in Western Australia’s Wheatbelt, 316 km east of Perth, 306 km west of Kalgoorlie and 55 km east of Merredin. The shire of Westonia is renowned for its stunning natural woodlands, breathtaking granite outcrops, beautiful wildflower and vast open skies.

The town was originally named Weston after Alfred David Weston who discovered gold at Boodalin Soak in December 1910. It was changed to Westonia in June 1914.

As a result of the “Wolfram Street Facades” project to town’s original bank, café, hotel, fire station, boarding house and green grocer’s store have new facades and new buildings have been constructed in the style of the 1920’s. The town is an operational modern entity with a 1920’s pub, a 1920’s Shire of Westonia office building and an exceptional museum.

Attractions in Westonia:

  • Working Gold Mine (Edna May)
  • Unique Granite Outcrops (Elachbutting, Baladjie, Sandford)
  • Historic Sites

Facilities in this Town:

  • • Bank
  • • Camping
  • • Dump Point
  • • Eateries
  • • Museum
  • • Post Office
  • • Pub/Tavern
  • • Public Toilets
  • • Seasonal Wildflowers
  • • swimming pool

Connect with this town

Local Information Centre:

Westonia Shire Office

41 Wolfram Street
Westonia WA 6423
Phone: (08) 9046 7063
Email: shire@westonia.wa.gov.au
Website: http://www.westonia.wa.gov.au

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 5pm

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