Norseman (Dundas)

Western Australia

Norseman, named after Laurie Sinclair’s horse started as a discovery of a gold bearing quartz. The town became part of the goldfields although not as popular as Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie. The establishment of numerous gold mines has invited a varies of nationalities to call this town their home.

The Ngadju people are the traditional owners of the land in the shire of Dundas. They were known as the Song & Dance people, whenever another tribe wanted a new song or dance they went to the Ngadju.
The Salt Lakes that surround Norseman provide both locals and tourists with stunning images and scenery when combined with the sunset. Lake Cowan extends 6.5km South of Norseman and 120km North making it the largest Lake.

Seasonal wildflowers bring the bush to life, bush trail offer a relaxing and adventurous experience with 4-wheel driving trails. Overall the woodlands offer a wonderful place to camp or have a picnic.
From Norseman you can experience the natural wildlife by driving the 1,200km to Eulca by Eyre Highway, this is known as the Nullarbor experience.

Facilities in this Town:

  • • 4WD
  • • ATM
  • • Camping
  • • Caravan Park
  • • Eateries
  • • Historic sites
  • • Jetty
  • • Petrol Station
  • • Post Office
  • • Public Toilets
  • • Supermarket
  • • swimming pool
  • • Trails

Connect with this town

Local Information Centre:

Norseman Visitor Centre

LOT 1781 Roberts St, Norseman WA 6443
Phone: (08) 9039 1071
Fax (08) 9039 1488
Email: or
Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday 9am to Noon & 1pm to 4pm
Sunday 9.30am to 4pm.
Public Holiday: 9am to 1pm
Christmas Day & Good Friday: Closed

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