New Norcia

Western Australia

A true escape from the everday, this unique hamlet 130km north east of Perth is Australia’s only monastic town. Everyone, regardless of their beliefs, will find themselves stilled by the soul of this tranquil community.

Here Benedictine monks move quietly amongst historical buildings on their way to pray together seven times daily. New Norcia was established in 1847 as a mission for the local Aboriginal people by Spanish Benedictine monk Bishop Rosendo Salvado. 160 years later New Norcia is still home to Benedictine monks and the monastery is one of the 27 heritage buildings listed on the National Estate.

But it’s not just the monks’ dedication to peace that makes New Norcia so special. It’s also the town’s eclectic monastic, Aboriginal and European heritage which the monks invite all visitors to discover.

Facilities in this Town:

  • • Eateries
  • • Golf Club
  • • Heritage Sights
  • • Petrol Station
  • • Post Office
  • • Visitor Centre

Connect with this town

Local Information Centre:

New Norcia Visitor Centre

Great Northern Highway
New Norcia WA 6509
Phone: (08) 9654 8056


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